Trending Brick And Mortars

Trending Brick And Mortars

Today you may come across someone who has not visited a brick and mortar store for last one year or more, it is not a surprising situation in the present scenario. Now it is more convenient for the people to buy online not only for the facilities they are offering to their customers but it also saves the travel time for any customer and other overheads. Some of the big companies who have started their business online have seen extensive growth this way than physical stores.

Physical shops are still a prosperous industry but the online stores have something new to offer to their customers and they can reach out to their customer. But they say “we are delivering the customer well, then why to go retail?”

It is a justified question to ask by those online players who are doing good business online. Who wants to take up the expense of opening up a store and invest in its furnishing and other things when the business is already doing well.

But by opening up a brick and mortar store they can provide their customers with some unique experience that they cannot give through online. This is the reason some of the big brand names who started their business online are opening their physical stores as they have realized that through these stores they can provide those numerous things which cannot be offered online.

Connect with the mentality of the customer

The very important part of any retail business is “customer engagement”, which every business wishes to improve; it may vary to every business. The online retail that is dealing with clothing are providing convenient return and cash back policy but the customer still wants to buy clothes after trying them and feeling their texture, they still find it a hassle to return the product after buying them online.

Additional values for the parties

Opening up a brick and mortar shop can give some incredible experiences to their customers which are practically not possible through online shopping. This is important for the companies who want to establish stronger relationships with their customer, going for Omnichannel can also give financial benefits.

Experiment the in-store experience

Some of the e-commerce stores are opening up physical stores so that they can innovate their way of doing business. This way they can come across how the customers are reacting to their newly launched products and can improvise on them.

There is no doubt that e-commerce is the growing form of business today but the physical store will also stay like it was forever and will innovate in its own way. Now a day few retailers are also accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment so it is another experience in its own way. This post will give you the introduction about the retailers.