This Is Why I Prefer To Trade Online!

This Is Why I Prefer To Trade Online!


I cannot categorize myself as a Nine to five-person anymore!

One thing is for sure, even though I was great at academics, I was always aware that I need not want to be in a straight jacket profession where my only job would be heat my seat for eight hours straight and then look forward to nothing except a fat paycheck.

It could mean a lot to other people but not me!

Education for me meant that I am able to have my own freedom to be able to work when I want to and not because I need to!

It was a revolutionary idea back then and I was not very sure if I would succeed in living life on the edge but hey we had to try! Someone had to try!!

Software trading happened by chance:

I am a creative person by nature and I wanted to be up in the mountains painting away my day. But I was as much aware that to be able to afford even the minimalistic of pleasures, one had to be able to earn even a wee bit. I wanted that freedom to work in the environment that I found my fun that day.

Trading online is the best thing that I could think of!

I had been on the research for a long time and I had a list of the software that I believed were class apart and those that I needed to open a trading account with.

Just before I took my art lessons, I had graduated in finance and business statistics and the course helped immensely to understand how trading worked.

It is not rocket science though!

A trader who is beginning to trade does not need fancy degrees to understand how it is conducted. What he needs is sustaining interest and undeterred aptitude. Learning to trade online is as easy as ABC. A trader can even log on to the Demo accounts on the various software and learn how to trade with faux money.

Trading on a demo account is an exercise in confidence:

Once the trader is confident that he has learned the ropes of the trade, all he has to do is to log on the software of his choice, enter his bank details and affect a transfer. In moments, the amount will be credited in a trading account and before he knows it he would be receiving trade signals on his account and happily profiteering.

Thousands of traders have made their fortune here; when will you?!!