Episode 70: What We’re Reading

September 28, 2015

As hard as it can be to fit reading into our busy schedules, it’s a great form of both personal development and self-care. We’re always looking for book recommendations ourselves, so we thought we’d help you expand your reading list. In this episode 70 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, the four of us […]

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Episode 69: MTR2025, The Future of Music Therapy Research

August 19, 2015

In this episode 69 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we welcome AMTA senior advisor Barb Else to the podcast to talk about a new AMTA initiative called Music Therapy Research 2025, or MTR 2025. Barb is a music therapist with considerable experience in hospital and community-based settings, as well as a researcher in […]

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Episode 68: An Episode of Small Talk

July 21, 2015

Photo credit: Image courtesy of nenetus at freedigitalphoto.net In this episode 68 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming and dedicate the entire episode to . . . small talk. Join us as we take a moment to get caught up on the major changes and […]

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Episode 67: Music Therapy Gear

June 9, 2015

Every craftsman (or woman) has his or her tools. A carpenter has his saws and drill bits. A surgeon – her forceps and scalpels. A gardener has her spade and pruner. In many trades and professions, the tools become personal to the ones using them. You know what I mean when I mention that favorite […]

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Episode 66: Music Therapy In The Medical Setting

May 12, 2015

Photo credit: MGDboston from morguefile.comThe 2013 AMTA Member Survey & Workforce Analysis reports that 12% of their members work within the medical/surgical population. This turns out to be the third most popular population you will find a music therapist working. How is music therapy being used with hospitalized patients and what kind of results take […]

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Episode 65: The Transition from Intern to Professional

April 10, 2015

The four of us have been there: at the end of a six-month (or longer) internship, on the cusp of becoming professional music therapists. As exciting as it is to be in this position, it can also be a little scary and overwhelming. In this episode 65 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we’ll […]

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