Ignorance is bliss no longer!

Growing up, I always heard this adage:

But it was only when I was in high school I realized how untrue and how misleading this oft-repeated saying is! I do not ever believe that ignorance is bliss. What I do believe is ignorance is a curse and a very bad one!

Friends who know me and my philosophy have over the years tried to have fun at my expense. This guy who was with me in college went ahead to write a comedy play in which the protagonist was a person inspired by me!

The guy in the tale has a girlfriend who is double-timing him and he is blissfully unaware. The play unfolds with a lot of scenes trying to bring home the point to its audiences that ignorance can be bliss in a lot of situations. But you see, I strongly disagree with this premise as well.

Let me explain this with an example from my own life.

When I was still in college, my friends were looking out for a part-time job to fund their education and hostel life. They were quite successful in getting a job at the supermarket and at the gas station. I did try too and I also got a job as a teller at the cash counter of one of the biggest supermarkets in this part of the town.

Standing at the teller took a whole lot of effort. Did I tell you that it was one of the most popular ones in the area and that ensured that we always had a crowd. This meant that I had to stand for the most part of my job. I wanted to be able to finish my assignments in time no honestly I meant to but the end of the day I would have no energy or inclination to.

So, I started trading online:

I was browsing facebook and I came across a link sponsored by Top10BinaryDemo.com and I opened it to learn more. In it, I learned that it was possible to earn a good enough income sitting in a place and trading online. How I was thankful because only three months into my job, my feet were sore withstanding prolonged hours at the cash counter.

Trading online gave me wings!

I could attend college fresh as a flower and that meant I could grasp the course content really well. Besides, I had enough time in the evening to finish assignments and to socialize and I used to trade in the night because the online markets don’t shut down at all. You can trade around the clock. Isn’t that wonderful! Go try now!!