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January marks social media advocacy month in the music therapy community. Throughout the month, music therapy bloggers and podcasters, like us, band together to talk about music therapy, advocacy, and the importance of being a music therapy advocate. This year’s social media advocacy month theme is re: VISION. It has multiple meanings, which we’ll talk […]


Many times before we meet a colleague, prospective client, potential employer or employee face-to-face, it is our online persona they get to know first. Whether it be through LinkedIn, a personal or business website or Facebook page, a blog, podcast or other digital medium, we are representing ourselves with every sentence we write, photo we […]

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The music therapy profession has received a fair amount of media coverage over the past several years, from news spots on music therapy and rehabilitation to the publication of a book by New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult to it being highlighted in the 2011 movie “The Music Never Stopped.” Now, this positive trend […]


Episode 39: The Music Therapist’s Library

by MTRT on February 12, 2013

As music therapists, we begin building our libraries during our studies — textbooks, journal articles, and other readings that are assigned to us. But when it comes time to enter the professional world, what kinds of materials do you choose to add to your library? In episode 39 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, […]

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As music therapists, we all know that colleagues can be few and far between. In fact, you may be the only music therapist in your workplace, or even in your city. But luckily there are ways to communicate with fellow music therapists, whether for supervision, collaboration, or just to chat and feel connected. In episode […]


Join us on the air!

by MTRT on April 4, 2011

You are invited to join the Music Therapy Round Table! Take your own seat at the table and share your thoughts on music therapy. We will be taping during the MWR-AMTA conference on Saturday, April 9 at the Music Therapy Tween booth. Catch up on past episodes: Are You Funny About Money? The Elevator Speech; […]