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It’s a well-known fact in the music therapy profession that most of us are women. It’s also a common stereotype that women should be these nice, sweet, gentle creatures. However, as a professional woman, this may not be the perception we want and being “nice” can have some downsides. When you do a Google search […]


A main tenant of being a therapist is that you must have a relationship with your client…one that involves using techniques like listening, reflecting, challenging, and educating (and that’s only to name a few). When therapists and clients build their relationship, the therapist will experience resistance and feelings that are displaced onto the them from […]

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As music therapists, we work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, prisons, nursing homes, and mental health facilities, just to name a few. Each setting and population poses its own challenges, and that can include staying safe while on the job. In episode 31 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we discuss […]


Every music therapist comes to the profession first and foremost as a musician. Throughout the course of our training, we develop our musical skills and add new ones: clinical skills, group management skills, counseling skills, evaluation skills, research skills, etc. When we finish our training, it’s our responsibility to keep learning and growing as a […]

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Episode 27: Music Therapy Bucket List

by MTRT on March 13, 2012

The topic for this month’s Music Therapy Round Table podcast comes from Amy Kalas, a music therapist in the Miami, FL area. In an email she asks us: What is your Music Therapy Bucket List. So, we share our personal music therapy goals and dreams along with the items we’ve already had the chance to […]


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes! The holidays are upon us, which means we have a lot to consider when it comes to our work and our clients. How do we make the holidays special for everyone, including ourselves and our families, while still maintaining our professionalism and focusing […]

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