Episode 71: How To Effectively Work From Home

by MTRT on October 19, 2015

Many music therapists find themselves working from home in one way or another. They may be in private practice with a home office or need to take some work home for the night. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to be efficient in the home environment. In this episode 71 of the Music Therapy Round Table […]

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In Episode 44 of this podcast, we discussed how to handle professional downtime: that is, when personal obligations and situations make it necessary for our work to take a backseat. But once that downtime comes to an end, how do we go about re-entering the working world as music therapists? In Episode 47 of the […]


Episode 45: Working Collaboratively

by MTRT on August 13, 2013

Practicing music therapy is not for those who seek isolation. It is a practice that often calls for one to collaborate. Collaboration can happen before sessions, during sessions, or after sessions. Collaboration can happen as part of and outside of direct client care. There is an art to successful collaboration, ways you can help make […]


As dedicated as we are to our careers as music therapists, there are times in our lives when personal obligations and situations cause our work to take a backseat. Professional downtime, as we call it, can be frustrating and difficult, especially when it comes to staying connected to the field. In episode 44 of the […]


Episode 39: The Music Therapist’s Library

by MTRT on February 12, 2013

As music therapists, we begin building our libraries during our studies — textbooks, journal articles, and other readings that are assigned to us. But when it comes time to enter the professional world, what kinds of materials do you choose to add to your library? In episode 39 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, […]

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A career can take you in many surprising directions outside of the music therapy room. Take the three of us–Rachel sells her music, Michelle created the Boom Tote, and Kimberly created a business ebook. Somewhere along the way, each of us had the idea for–and subsequently developed–an unconventional music therapy-related project. How did this happen […]