Private Practice

Episode 26: Unconventional Music Therapy Projects

by MTRT on FEBRUARY 14, 2012

A career can take you in many surprising directions outside of the music therapy room. Take the three of us–Rachel sells her music, Michelle created the Boom Tote, and Kimberly created a business ebook.

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Somewhere along the way, each of us had the idea for–and subsequently developed–an unconventional music therapy-related project. How did this happen […]


Episode 20: Scheduling & Time Management

by MTRT on SEPTEMBER 13, 2011

No matter what the work environment, music therapists often face quite a challenge when it comes to scheduling. Not only do we need to schedule our clinical work, whether that involves classrooms, facilities, or private clients, but we also need to factor in planning and practice time. Sometimes it can seem as though there just […]


Episode 18: Business Relationships in Music Therapy

by MTRT on JULY 12, 2011

All music therapists will enter some kind of business relationship no matter if they are in private practice or an employee of a company. These include relationships with other business’ and relationships with other MTs. In episode 18 of the podcast, special guests Jennifer Sokira and Emily Pellegrino, the directors of Connecticut Music Therapy Services, […]


Episode 17: Long Distance Communication for the Music Therapist

by MTRT on JUNE 21, 2011

As music therapists, we all know that colleagues can be few and far between. In fact, you may be the only music therapist in your workplace, or even in your city. But luckily there are ways to communicate with fellow music therapists, whether for supervision, collaboration, or just to chat and feel connected. In episode […]


Episode 16: Packing Tips for the Traveling Music Therapist

by MTRT on MAY 17, 2011

We are very excited to welcome our first guest MTRT co-host…Allison Kerr! Allison is a board-certified music therapist who owns her own private practice in Tennessee called Music Therapy Services of Nashville. She contracts with different individuals and organizations–including schools and adult day care centers for people with disabilities–leads music therapy rhythm guitar workshops, and […]


Join us on the air!

by MTRT on APRIL 4, 2011

You are invited to join the Music Therapy Round Table! Take your own seat at the table and share your thoughts on music therapy. We will be taping during the MWR-AMTA conference on Saturday, April 9 at the Music Therapy Tween booth. Catch up on past episodes: Are You Funny About Money? The Elevator Speech; […]