Tips To Manage Risks In The Commodity Market

Tips To Manage Risks In The Commodity Market

Commodity Market is considered as one of the uncertain markets in the trading world. They can provide a significant profit when traded in the correct opportunity window by following tips and suggestions from the experts. Commodities like food articles including wheat, rice, and the oils are always in demand even if there is a crisis in the financial world. The commodity market is a volatile market making it risky for investors but also it provides a lot of chances to incur profit with the price movements.

Investors can generate profit if they follow some basic risk management process. In this article, we will focus on noting down a few tips that investors can follow to manage price risks in the commodity market.

Tips to manage the risks:

The frequent price changes in commodity market offer a chance to some investors to make profits but can result in bad outcomes for others. When investing in commodity markets it is very essential to keep in mind a few points.

1) Risk Analysis: Using analytics techniques like Earnings at Risk and Cash Flow at Risk can be used to understand the price changes in the commodity market. Risk Analysis, when used properly, can benefit the investors in many ways.

2) Trading in your comfort zone: Trading needs a lot of patience waiting for the perfect opportunity to gain profit. Trading within your comfort zone is one of the important tips to follow. One cannot be overconfident about how the market is going to turn, so trading with commodities we know is a better option.

3) Explore natural hedges: Price change in commodity market can be influenced by or correlated to other financial assets. Like the US dollar and oil prices can be correlated with each other. Though it is difficult to understand these temporary correlations, studying their impact on the commodity market can help investors. Reading informational websites with information on the market scams and other trading markets gives investors a clear idea of market position.

4) Seeking expert opinion: Trading in commodity market needs a lot of guidance and study. The time frame to make a profit in commodity market can be very small and so without expert advice or help it is possible to miss the window. The market study can help investors understand the risks and possibilities in commodity markets.  A new trader in the commodity market can make use of these tips before investing.

A Better Knowhow On The Course Of Audit Planning

A Better Knowhow On The Course Of Audit Planning

It is mandatory for an auditor to pre-plan his work so as to effectively conduct his job. He should acquire a thorough knowledge of the working status of the client’s venture and should plan accordingly to cover the related major operational areas like

  • The client’s way of dealing with their financial accounts, about the strategies they follow and also regarding the internal control measures adopted for making records.
  • Moreover, the auditor must be able to proficiently deal with the level of reliability placed on the internal faculty control of the organization.
  • Further, one should be able to predetermine certain parameters like the quality characteristics, timing and the duration of the auditing process to be conducted.
  • Apart from all these, the most important process involves the capability of coordinating things in a dedicated manner. Sometimes there arises a condition of revising the contents and procedures during the course of the audit. One should be efficiently deal with such unexpected things too.

The law and regulation act of auditors have issued reliable principles regarding the planning scheme to be carried out during the auditing session. This includes

  • Making an overall plan which includes deciding the time and details of the audit.
  • Working out the programme for the required clarities that can aid the effectiveness of the auditing process.

There are also unexpected situations where the whole auditing process goes for a revision and those reasons also need to documented to make the auditing complete.

The major objectives behind planning

The strategy planning always helps to

  • Devote time to analyze and sort out the valuable sections contained in the audit
  • Clearly, pinpoint the potential problems that require an immediate solution
  • Confirm the timely completion of the accounting and documentation work
  • Synchronize the works of both the auditors and other experts that leads to good auditing

The auditor also put his previous experience while working with the clients and the knowledge of the client’s business environment. The auditor may also choose to discuss business and financial prospects with the respective clients in order to make the auditing procedures simpler and thereby saves time. However, the all-around audit planning along with audit programming remains as the auditor’s concern.

Planning parameters

While planning for an audit, the auditor should regard the following features

  • The convolution of the audit
  • The working environment of the business
  • The prior experience with the client


Common Mistakes For An Entrepreneur

Common Mistakes For An Entrepreneur

There will no businessmen in the world without making mistakes in their business life. As there is a proverb, Failure is the stepping stone for success, the entrepreneurs should learn new lessons from the mistakes or the failures and they should try their best to make it a success. Let us see what all the common mistakes are done by the new entrepreneurs.

  1. Making a decision on their own:

The common mistake mostly done by the entrepreneurs is the decision making. They will never discuss with other persons about their business and get some suggestions from them. They will make their own decisions and this will sometimes not work out and will lead to a loss. So, it is better to take a few opinions from the professionals before they step in further.

  1. Not even know the fundamentals:

Some people start up their business without knowing any fundamental things about business and its importance. We should always get to know what we are going to do and then start working.

  1. Negativity from others:

While doing business, many people will say some negative suggestions about it. We should always ignore the negativity and we should be very confident about the business things we are going to proceed. They will always have jealous on us and will try to bring us down, but we should never bother about those negative things.

  1. Lacking connection with the partners:

If there is a partner for our business, we should maintain a good relationship with them. Because if there is some lack in the relationship, then the business will fall down easily. So, the partner relationship is an important point in a business.

  1. Trust:

Blind trust in the people is the most common mistake for the business to see a down. We usually believe all the people who are around us, but that should not be the case because people will get jealous once we reach a great success and top position in business life. So, we should have trust in the right people.

  1. Social media mistakes:

All businessmen have a thought that the social media will make a great change in their business life. But, this is not the true fact, social media should be used in correct time with perfect content relating to the business.


Thus conclude that business is very important to earn more money in life. So, we should think twice before we do something, else it will become a mess.



Identify The Best Stocks For Day Trading

Identify The Best Stocks For Day Trading

Day trading, when done right, can be so profitable that you can even comfortably rely on it as your main source of income. If you have enough time to spend in trading then you would be able to easily execute multiple trades in a day and thus earn a small portion of profits by the end of the day. Finding the best assets to day trade be it in the stock market or in the cryptocurrency market, takes time and efforts. Here a majority of your work is complete if you identify the best assets. In trading, there is an easy way to earn money and there is the hard way which yields better profits. The easy way is to use trading bots but if you would like larger profits then your trading knowledge alone would help. Whether you plan to use a trading bot or whether you plan to do it yourself have a reliable source of information where you could get all your answers.

Getting back to day trading, here are a few tips to pick the best stocks –

Stay up to date with what is happening in the market

Getting market news from multiple sources would give you several leads and make the process of picking the stock simpler. There might be several social signals that you come across. Study the stocks that the popular traders recommend for intraday trading.

Volatility is its strength

The more volatile the stock is the more the number of chances you would get to buy and sell. So look for stocks that are very volatile within a day. Price changes that spread over a few days cannot be taken as volatility in this case. Whether you choose to compare the changes in terms of the dollars or whether you observe the percentage of change, you need ones that move quickly when you day trade.


Highly volatile stocks without an ample number of buyers and sellers are of no use to day traders. You need a stock that can be bought at the set price and sold easily when the target is met. Therefore liquidity is something that matters the most for day trading stocks.

The trading volume gives you valuable information

Average daily trading volume is an indicator of how many transactions happen on a daily basis. Even the most volatile stocks, those with a high liquidity would have to possess a large trading volume to be recommended as a good option for day trading.

The Best Level Of Business-To-Business Transaction

The Best Level Of Business-To-Business Transaction

Accepting credit card payments has opened new avenues of business opportunities for the smart owners. They get the goodwill from account providers, card providers and associations and the transaction units. Customers spread across a wider geographic expanse find it convenient to shop for your products in any location of their choice and your capability in accepting card payments is sometimes taken as a mark of your stature. The only downside of credit card transaction is that you have to set aside a considerable amount for maintenance and discount rates.

To make the expenses involved in enabling credit card payments at par with the grade of your business returns, the card processing services are divided into three Levels; Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, based on the data to be given as details and the cost of charges to be paid by the merchant.

The most expensive of the three is the Level 1 processing, but if you come under the high-risk category or do not have the necessary data to fill all the required fields either due to unavailability or due to restriction, the Level is the most suited disregarding the cost. You are expected to furnish the fields because the more the details you are filling into, the more trustworthy and standardized your business seems to other businesses and customers.


How would a Level 2 or Level 3 processing help in improving your business?


The more affordable and flexible processing methods are offered to the merchants through the Levels 2 and 3, with the extra effort that you need to fill in additional fields to be eligible for the service. When you bank in more data, it is essentially interpreted by the business world that you have a more credible business and has better clarity in management.

Take the case of the altcoin mining software Ethereum Code for instance. In spite of the many confusions regarding cryptocurrencies, the software has carved a niche for itself because the readers are able to read more about Ethereum Code through various media and it excels in giving all the clarity associated with its working.

The risk involved in getting associated with a well-laid and sorted out business is much lesser for the partners and customers as well as the regulating authorities.

The success of a business depends on the nature of clients it serves and if government agencies or the upper influential business partners show trust in what you provide, it should be the biggest boost to your success. Government contracts and corporations are particularly attracted to merchants who spend less on credit card processing by submitting more data and achieving a class 2 or 3 processing method.


Ignorance is bliss no longer!

Growing up, I always heard this adage:

But it was only when I was in high school I realized how untrue and how misleading this oft-repeated saying is! I do not ever believe that ignorance is bliss. What I do believe is ignorance is a curse and a very bad one!

Friends who know me and my philosophy have over the years tried to have fun at my expense. This guy who was with me in college went ahead to write a comedy play in which the protagonist was a person inspired by me!

The guy in the tale has a girlfriend who is double-timing him and he is blissfully unaware. The play unfolds with a lot of scenes trying to bring home the point to its audiences that ignorance can be bliss in a lot of situations. But you see, I strongly disagree with this premise as well.

Let me explain this with an example from my own life.

When I was still in college, my friends were looking out for a part-time job to fund their education and hostel life. They were quite successful in getting a job at the supermarket and at the gas station. I did try too and I also got a job as a teller at the cash counter of one of the biggest supermarkets in this part of the town.

Standing at the teller took a whole lot of effort. Did I tell you that it was one of the most popular ones in the area and that ensured that we always had a crowd. This meant that I had to stand for the most part of my job. I wanted to be able to finish my assignments in time no honestly I meant to but the end of the day I would have no energy or inclination to.

So, I started trading online:

I was browsing facebook and I came across a link sponsored by and I opened it to learn more. In it, I learned that it was possible to earn a good enough income sitting in a place and trading online. How I was thankful because only three months into my job, my feet were sore withstanding prolonged hours at the cash counter.

Trading online gave me wings!

I could attend college fresh as a flower and that meant I could grasp the course content really well. Besides, I had enough time in the evening to finish assignments and to socialize and I used to trade in the night because the online markets don’t shut down at all. You can trade around the clock. Isn’t that wonderful! Go try now!!

Episode 75: Stories from the Round Table

6th Birthday of the Music Therapy Round Table Podcast

Making money has become a huge necessity for every person to fulfill basic needs of them and their family. Many people choose to trade as it will become support and help them to gain extra income. To get more details and clarity on online trading you can see this article as it includes complete information about online trading, binary options, robots, and brokers. The process is so simple that user needs to sign up with robot that he is interested and make an initial deposit of $250 and secure their spot, and the user will be redirected to brokers page in which all of them are authentic and reliable so users need not to worry about their funds as they are in safe hands.

Advantages using binary options:

  • Two modes available, manual and auto-pilot mode
  • Customer support round the clock
  • Traders get material required
  • Initial deposits required are so small
  • Traders can navigate easily
  • No complications while using application
  • Returns are high
  • Can manage risk
  • Can be used on any device
  • Web-based application

There are few disadvantages using this binary option:

  • Internet access is must require a thing
  • The success is not guaranteed as it is won or lose situation
  • A trader should be able to calculate the risk.

Happy Birthday, Music Therapy Round Table! This month marks our 6th year since launching the podcast on February 5, 2010. We’ve covered countless topics and hosted numerous guests in the past 74 episodes, while behind the scenes we’ve navigated both personal and professional changes.

In this episode 75 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, you’ll get to know us even better as we share stories related to our journeys as music therapists.

Show Notes

Music Memos App – A new recording app for Apple devices. Record your song ideas using just the external mic of your phone or ipad, and the app will follow your lead, adding bass and guitar backing tracks.

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Episode 73: What’s Up With Music & Memory? An Interview With Jennifer Geiger


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This episode is an interview with AMTA President-Elect, Jennifer Geiger. In addition to providing leadership in our professional organization, Jennifer has been a business owner since the year 2000 (congratulate her on her 15-year anniversary!) and has specialized in working with older adults for nearly two decades.


Our topic for this podcast, the Music & Memory program, touches on a population that is dear to Jennifer. Her experience and wisdom shines through in this episode.


Show Notes

Music & Memory

You’re Looking At Me Like I Live Here And I Don’t – Trailer (Jennifer has a cameo in the full-length feature!)

Recommended Best Practices For Collaborations With Music & Memory Programs

Find Jennifer on social media:
Twitter: @jennifermtbc
Instagram: jennifermtbc

What do you think?

What do you think? We always welcome comments and questions. Simply fill out the comment field below to let us know what you think.

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Episode 71: How To Effectively Work From Home



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  • Results will be obtained just in few minutes
  • The investments made can be monitored easily
  • The process is more secure
  • You can manage risk
  • Have the option to perform reverse trading.

Many music therapists find themselves working from home in one way or another. They may be in private practice with a home office or need to take some work home for the night. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to be efficient in the home environment.

In this episode 71 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we take a look at the positives and challenges that come when working at home as well as share tips to improve our productivity.

Show Notes

Some beautiful pics from Matt’s hike:

Here he is with the half dome in the background…

And here are his amazing friends at the top!


  • Rachel’s story in the Springfield Business Journal
  • Julie Palmieri at Serenade Designs
  • 19 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who Works From Home
  • Project Management Websites: Basecamp & ASANA
  • Cadenza 5K

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Episode 70: What We’re Reading

What We're Reading

As hard as it can be to fit reading into our busy schedules, it’s a great form of both personal development and self-care. We’re always looking for book recommendations ourselves, so we thought we’d help you expand your reading list.

Binary options are known to be exotic ones but are very simple to use for both experienced and novices, can know more about them here. The software used in these applications are high- altered, automated with a sophisticated algorithm which helps the user to perform trades by choosing the best asset to invest and help traders to achieve profits as they want. Process is very simple that trader just need to sign-up by giving his basic details like name, email address, telephone number etc. and they need to make some initial deposit and link up with broker that are available in application, the brokers available in application are authentic and reliable hence traders need not to worry about the investment or funds deposited. When auto-pilot mode is switched on the process will be going on until the trader gives instruction to stop the process. The signals generated by the automated system will be delivered to trader by various means like e-mail, SMS or when trader visits the website. Trader with zero experience can also understand the process very easily as the application will indicate the raise or decrease the value of asset by words up or down.

In this episode 70 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, the four of us share what we’re reading this month, and how it applies to our personal and professional lives.

Show Notes

Michelle is reading:
The Life Changing Magic of Cleaning Up

Kimberly is reading:
The Marriage of Opposites

Matt is Reading:
Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice
Brain Rules

Rachel is reading:
The Fringe Hours

Cool Resource

Check out Wunderlist, a cloud-based task management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer for free. Learn more at

What do you think?

What do you think? We always welcome comments and questions. Simply fill out the comment field below to let us know what you think.

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