Episode 67: Music Therapy Gear

by MTRT on June 9, 2015

Every craftsman (or woman) has his or her tools. A carpenter has his saws and drill bits. A surgeon – her forceps and scalpels. A gardener has her spade and pruner. In many trades and professions, the tools become personal to the ones using them. You know what I mean when I mention that favorite […]


Every music therapist comes to the profession first and foremost as a musician. Throughout the course of our training, we develop our musical skills and add new ones: clinical skills, group management skills, counseling skills, evaluation skills, research skills, etc. When we finish our training, it’s our responsibility to keep learning and growing as a […]

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Before we became music therapists, we were all musicians. Making music is a critical aspect of our jobs, which is why not only maintaining, but also improving our skills is necessary. In this episode we share with you how we do just that, and we’ll also share the feedback we received from many of you […]


Whew, did we have a lot to talk about this month! Listen in as we recap our regional music therapy conferences, share exciting projects, and discuss our featured topic, songwriting for music therapy. We’ll compare and contrast our own processes, give tips and tricks, and explain how we apply our songwriting to clinical practice. Enjoy! […]