Many times before we meet a colleague, prospective client, potential employer or employee face-to-face, it is our online persona they get to know first. Whether it be through LinkedIn, a personal or business website or Facebook page, a blog, podcast or other digital medium, we are representing ourselves with every sentence we write, photo we […]

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Episode 40: Marketing For The MT Employee

by MTRT on March 12, 2013

Music therapists in private practice do a good amount of marketing their services to the public… after all, that’s how they will get business. But what about the regularly employed, non private practice music therapist? Do they have to market their services as well or are they off the hook since they work for someone? […]


Episode 38: The Power of Storytelling

by MTRT on January 8, 2013

This January, the music therapy blogging community is banding together for the third annual social media advocacy month. Music therapists in over 35 states are involved in the joint AMTA and CBMT state recognition operational plan, where we are seeking to increase our client’s access to music therapy services through official recognition of our profession […]


There is a lot that goes into a music therapy program…marketing, networking, client building, and clinical sessions…to name a few. But, in order for any music therapy program, be it a private practice or a music therapy department within a company, to survive and thrive, it must offer something of value to the people it […]

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A career can take you in many surprising directions outside of the music therapy room. Take the three of us–Rachel sells her music, Michelle created the Boom Tote, and Kimberly created a business ebook. Somewhere along the way, each of us had the idea for–and subsequently developed–an unconventional music therapy-related project. How did this happen […]


The internet, as we know it now, is an accessible, interactive, affordable and powerful tool. You can use it to network around the world, market your services for pennies, and to sharpen your skills. But with so many option and so many choices, it can be overwhelming. In this month’s episode, you’ll be introduced to […]