There are a variety of skills that every professional needs to continue to develop and refine. In episode 43 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we will share how we have developed our writing skills throughout our music therapy career. Items mentioned in the episode [RESOURCE] Connecticut Music Therapy Services – A brand new […]

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Episode 40: Marketing For The MT Employee

by MTRT on March 12, 2013

Music therapists in private practice do a good amount of marketing their services to the public… after all, that’s how they will get business. But what about the regularly employed, non private practice music therapist? Do they have to market their services as well or are they off the hook since they work for someone? […]


It’s said that some of the only things you can count on are death, taxes, and change. Not the money kind of change, but the life kind of change—new relationships, moving, marriage, kids, divorce, death. Major life transitions are a large part of our lives and how we navigate and handle those transitions affects our […]

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Episode 28: Public Speaking & Presenting

by MTRT on April 10, 2012

Public speaking: the thought alone strikes fear in the hearts of many, even some of us music therapists. And although we are used to leading groups and singing in front of others, the idea of giving a presentation or facilitating a workshop can be a scary one. So in episode 28 of the Music Therapy […]


All music therapists will enter some kind of business relationship no matter if they are in private practice or an employee of a company. These include relationships with other business’ and relationships with other MTs. In episode 18 of the podcast, special guests Jennifer Sokira and Emily Pellegrino, the directors of Connecticut Music Therapy Services, […]