Episode 74: Social Media Advocacy Month 2016

by MTRT on February 2, 2016

January marks social media advocacy month in the music therapy community. Throughout the month, music therapy bloggers and podcasters, like us, band together to talk about music therapy, advocacy, and the importance of being a music therapy advocate. This year’s social media advocacy month theme centers on the role we have as advocates. Just as […]


Episode 68: An Episode of Small Talk

by MTRT on July 21, 2015

Photo credit: Image courtesy of nenetus at In this episode 68 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming and dedicate the entire episode to . . . small talk. Join us as we take a moment to get caught up on the major changes and […]


Many times before we meet a colleague, prospective client, potential employer or employee face-to-face, it is our online persona they get to know first. Whether it be through LinkedIn, a personal or business website or Facebook page, a blog, podcast or other digital medium, we are representing ourselves with every sentence we write, photo we […]

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Initiating the music therapy treatment process takes a significant amount of work involving music therapy assessment, goal setting, rapport building, and treatment planning. However, one element of the process that always happens but is not highlighted is treatment termination. This concept encompasses not only handling the logistics of ending music therapy treatment, but also the […]


Episode 53: Communication Etiquette 101

by MTRT on April 8, 2014

Communication with our clients is at the core of what we do as music therapists. We’re constantly working on ways to improve how we communicate during sessions in order to be more effective therapists, but what about OUTSIDE of our sessions? Beyond our clients, we must also communicate with their families, other service providers, our […]


Episode 45: Working Collaboratively

by MTRT on August 13, 2013

Practicing music therapy is not for those who seek isolation. It is a practice that often calls for one to collaborate. Collaboration can happen before sessions, during sessions, or after sessions. Collaboration can happen as part of and outside of direct client care. There is an art to successful collaboration, ways you can help make […]