The training and professional growth necessary to become a music therapist–or any type of education and healthcare professional–doesn’t end when you receive your diploma. Investing in conferences, trainings, and other types of professional development activities is a vital part of the growth, development, and health of your professional self and, as a music therapist, helps […]


An update is in order! In this episode, we each share some exciting news. Also, Kimberly and Michelle interview participants at the Midwestern Regional AMTA Conference. What do you think? We always welcome comments and questions. Simply fill out the comment field below to let us know what you think. Subscribe for free! Listen to […]


No matter what profession you belong to, you are often invited and encouraged to join some sort of professional organization. In this episode we share with you common pros and cons for joining professional associations. At the end of the episode, we’ll update you on where you can find the Music Therapy Round Table co-hosts […]

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