Risks In Forex Trading

Risks In Forex Trading

Forex trading is a huge market, though unlike the normal trading market investors do not have to go through thousands of options to choose the right stock option. Forex trading majorly deals in very few selected currencies, but the risks involved can be the same as those of any other trading markets. Forex trading involves buying, selling and exchange of currencies in the form of foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps, spot transactions, forwards, and options. The foreign exchange involves leverage of huge amount of money and hence there is a possibility of extraordinary profits or massive losses. Below are a few of risks in trading of foreign currencies.

1) Political Risks: Currency of any country is affected by events happening in the country. Many big and small elections keep happening within countries causing ups and downs in the currency rate. The countries political situation can be unstable during the election phase affecting the currency in turn. Whenever trading in forex it is recommended to keep a watch on the political changes within the country so you are not surprised by the outcome of elections and are ready to face the changes it brings in the exchange rate.

2) Credit Risk: When dealing in forex trading it is important to hire a reputed Forex broker as there is a possibility of Credit risk, where one party is unable to pay the other party because of bankruptcy. Hence, it is important to choose the accurate Forex broker and also keep yourself updated about scams happening in Forex trading. Click here to know more about it.

3) Leverage Risk: When trading in Forex, the investors need to put in a small initial amount known as Margin. Price variations can result in putting additional margin amount. This is more frequent when the market is volatile, higher leverage amounts can result in huge losses in the initial investment amounts.

4) Transaction Risk: Forex trading is an exchange between the currencies of different countries. These exchange transactions usually take at least 24 hours to complete. The currency market is highly volatile so there is a possibility that the rate of exchange is changed before the transaction is complete. Sometimes this may incur a huge loss in the exchange.

5) Country Risk: Though Forex trading usually works in eight major currencies, the investors can still select to exchange the currencies from other countries too. While doing this it is important to consider the economic stability of the country. Usually, all the currencies are linked to the leading currency in the market like the US dollar. The internal changes in countries politics or financial situations might affect its exchange rate.

Learning about money market

Learning about money market

The money market is the place where all the financial instruments with short-term maturities and high liquidity are traded.  This market is filled with those participants who want to borrow or lend for a short-term wherein the maturity date will range from one day to one year.  The commonly used money market instruments are a certificate of deposits, banker’s acceptance, treasury bills, municipal notes, commercial paper, etc. it is quite different from currency market or any other market.  In the currency market or digital currency market, one can earn quick money very easily by trading online in different currencies.

Participants of the money market

The participants of this money market include banks or financial institutions which lends to each other, large corporations that raise funds through the selling of commercial paper in the market, investors who buy bank commercial deposits as a means to park their funds safely for a short period.

In order to buy the treasury bills, only the primary dealers have the accessibility to buy directly from them. The individuals have to approach the dealers if they wish to invest in these bills.

Capital market Vs money market

The money market is different from the capital market. In the capital market, only the purchase and sale of long-term financial instruments takes place.  Here both the debt instruments and equity instruments are transacted. The organizations opt for participating in the capital market whenever they are in need of the huge amount of money for a long-term period. The purpose of choosing the capital market will be to fund their expansion or a new business venture whereas in money market the organizations will approach to raise fund to meet some immediate requirement or to meet the working capital requirement. They will aim at repaying the amount in a short period as they don’t want to have a long-term responsibility.

People who are less tolerant to risk will opt to invest in the money market as it is considered as one of the safest and secure ways to protect their funds while in the capital market only people who are ready to take up risk will participate. It gives a high rate of return to the money invested. But the rate of interest in money market instruments compared to capital market is quite less.

The decision to invest in a money market or capital market purely depends from individual to individual. Whichever the options one chooses, you need to keep a regular check on the funds after it is invested.






Things Successful Forex Traders Understand

Things Successful Forex Traders Understand

Forex trading or currency exchange might sound simple as to exchange currency of one country with the other countries currency. But in reality, it is much complicated and has many risks involved. There are many investors who have lost a significant amount of money in forex trading. In this article, we will see a few tips that the successful forex traders implement in order to prevent huge losses.

1) Single currency pair at a time: Forex market is huge with a lot of events happening that triggers the currency rate changes. For a new forex trader, it might be difficult to focus on various currencies relations; hence to start with it is recommended to focus on one currency pair at a time. You can choose any two currencies to exchange based on your knowledge about these currencies and events that may bring in a change in the exchange rate. Best to start with our home currencies, if not, choose any two major currencies that can be converted easily.

2) Forex trading is about probabilities: The currency value keeps changing almost every day affecting the rate of exchange between two currencies. There can be various factors affecting the exchange rate based on the events happening in the particular countries and the global financial market. There is no straightforward formula or calculation that can be used to make a profit through these exchanges. Hence, it is important to calculate the risks before investing in foreign exchange.

3) Forex Broker: As in any other type of trading it is important to have additional help from market experts. Just because foreign exchange sounds simple, do not rely on just one source of information but keep yourself updated with the current events happening globally. Choose the Forex broker carefully and work with his suggestions. Click here to know more about Forex Trading.

4) Account type and leverage ratio: As it is important to choose the right broker, it is important to choose your Forex account type. It is recommended to choose the account package that suits our expectations and understanding of forex. The brokers usually have a variety of account types with different leverages. But it is advisable to choose accounts with low leverage. Beginners should do a complete research and understand the forex trading by starting with mini accounts. Once you understand the Forex trading concepts and working of leverage you can convert yourself to higher accounts. In short, lower the risk you take higher the chances for getting returns.

A structured and well-planned approach towards the trading can help you incur good returns in Forex trading.


Auto trading robots for novice and experienced users

Auto trading robots for novice and experienced users

The investment fields are changing constantly every now and then. It is expected that we also take the necessary changes if we really have to reap success out of sheer investment in the forex market and cryptocurrency market as well. Many novice investors fall as victims to the endless scams that are now visible in an online platform for that matter. As it is very much user – friendly and any person can access it from anywhere it has brought innumerable people participating in the operations and making us hard to find what is wrong and what is right. This has left the industries and specific people undetected. Choosing the best robot after active research can get you the best trading experience throughout our life.

How are forex robots useful for all kinds of people?

Forex robots are created with the purpose of optimizing the outcomes and enriching the investment experience. They are very special because they work from the background. Without having any basic skill or the experience in trading, we can make good analysis one can rely completely on the working of the forex robots for their investment profits. They can trade on our behalf. That is the reason it is heavily used by novice users. For the experienced traders, it provides additional features that help them change their strategies whenever required. The professionals can alter their investment decisions based on the robot’s smart analysis. The accuracy rate reached for these robots are best compared to all the different solutions that are suggested for people new to the trading experience. These companies have associated with world-class brokers from different parts of the world to provide skilled decisions in time and again.

These auto trading robots have become a trending reality after enormous research. The creators have considered all possibilities that get you a real-time experience that is worth investing. The joining procedure for the forex robots also is very simple. It is completely free to get the license to trade. We will have to fund the account initially to start trading. The customer support team that is oriented towards every robot works round the clock to provide any kind of assistance at any time. Invest with the right robot that will be flexible for your needs and start trading heavily. However, plan your strategies well for a safe and secure future.

Trading Apps for No Fees Cryptocurrency Trading

                            Trading Apps for No Fees Cryptocurrency Trading

As the competition rises for trading in cryptocurrencies, the battle for increasing number of commission-free trade exchanges is expanding this digital space. New startups are taking this opportunity to cash in coin currency by offering a no-fee trade for more than 15 coins based trading through the digital platform. The aim for these new ventures is to offer no-fee trades without having to clustered fees structure and simple trading from base coin currency and other digital assets at the best price from the digital platform of trading like QProfit System both online and in the app-based business model.

Routers that are built into the exchange networks are giving a lot of drive and increase in the trading spree for the investors to go the app way, and install them and trade without any fees. There is an order limit that needs to be set every time you trade from the app version, for a no-fee trading transaction. How do these companies beat the high transaction costs involved? They usually make up the difference by beating the price on an average every time the coin currency trading happens at the point of execution, well whatever is the way, ultimately the trader gets benefitted at least in the beginning stages of his crypto trading adventure in the highly volatile financial markets.

As selling the crypto trades in the exchanges for a better price, helps these companies to survive the huge pressure to maintain a good customer relation and see that this bottom line is not affected.

Either the startups enter into new partnerships or grow organically into the beta testing zone; the market is clearly indicating a trading platform that serves as an exchange. A digital space to invest and gain, help the beginners to go the app way to experience the best trading features in many coin currencies across different exchanges.

As the app version has more trades in the listed and top coin currencies, there is a leaning towards trading in other major coins, however, it is advisable to read more about Qprofit System and then invest in the crypto-based trading for safer storage of the coins in the digital wallets. There is a lot of scopes, to include all into the scope of digital coin based trading; the trust factor is still largely conspicuous, with a lot of investment coming from the institutional and retail areas.

Can We Trade in Crypto Currency without Paying any Fees?

                                Can We Trade in Crypto Currency without Paying any Fees?

As experienced a trader, who knows the nuance to execute trades without having to bear a huge fee, trading in crypto markets could well be easier if there is clarity about how the fees structure works, but due to the highly decentralized market, the concept of flat fees or uniform fee structure is a distant reality. Doing a little research before setting your foot on the heavily traded crypto markets is important, use the internet based search engines to  understand how the trading in certain exchanges without having to pay hefty fees to trade and make a good profits.

How to trade in both fiat and crypto currency like to go from USD to the crypto currency and vice versa is important, more so without having to shell out transaction fees every time the conversion happens is interesting yet, important knowhow. Coin base and GDAX have no fees charged for the crypto transactions, rest all have minimal fees that could vary according to the exchanges form where the trade happens, within the US the charges are minimal, for other countries the charges could vary, depending upon the currency conversion seeked.

Does it matter, paying hefty fees to exchanges just because you want to trade from trading platforms like QProfit System? Well the answer depends on the fact the exchanges charge for trading from various platforms, read more about Qprofit System and understand the fees structure for trading in different currencies. Every time you transact, there is 1.4 % charge for every single buy or sell , more over an extra of 3 % on an average has to be paid to the coinbase, thus to really work out a profit, high investment is required.

  • setting up a coinbase or GDAX account is easy and helpful to fund the account in USD
  • the coin currency can be purchased from the GDAX account, in case you do not have this account , you can create one and transfer funds from the Coinbase, you can avoid all the fees once purchasing the coin from this account only if you buy with limit your orders
  • it is a fairly simple exchange to trade through, once you set the parameters, choose the margin trading option, select the limit your order and check the numbers before you can click on the trade button
  • Once you have the coins in the trading account, you can withdraw the USD from the GDAX account or transfer it to the Coinbase account.

How do Cryptocurrency Fees work for Trader

                                How do Cryptocurrency Fees work for Trader

A seasoned crypto investor will know most of the charges that eat the payout from their online trading pursuits, there exists a host of fees that get charged starting from the sign-up process into the account until the profit percentage is calculated. All this comes in different names, without compromising on the similar factor of having a transaction fee attached to every trade done. Be it the token system of adding the cryptocurrency or directly taking the base coins from your account. The trader has to always be cautious of hidden charges that are not disclosed by most of the trading platforms, as you read more about Qprofit System there will be more clarity on how the costs to the broker and the trader works.

The spate of ICO that have invaded the crypto space to raise funds for new startup’s or existing crypto-based companies have placed the value extremely low so that there are many takers, one thing that is constant is the transaction fees that are extremely high for certain coin currency, that works to be nearly $ 4 per transaction. Traders have to understand that the moment they want to execute a trade there are more than three intermediaries, who will charge a minimum percentage or flat amount for the trade to go through their channel, making money.

If you are a new investor in the ICO, then be clear of notions and ask yourself:

  • is there a clear advantage in investing in the tokens
  • do I use technology often
  • is there growth for the cryptocurrency and the underlying technology in the next 1-3 years
  • and do I really need to understand the technology behind the ICO

Once we analyze all the probabilities and the answer to the above questions is in affirmative, then it is worth going for ICO, and paying up all the intermittent fees that are imperative with the coin offerings. Choosing the exchanges to trade is another important factor that ties to the charges; some of the trading platforms like, Qprofit System double up as exchanges. The purchase will depend on, the exchanges charge fees that are relatively unregulated, and hence one exchange could charge more fees than the other depending upon the cryptocurrency they trade in. Choose the exchange that does not charge for their service, use the exchange that charges a minimal amount to maintain the digital wallet, and trade through the exchange where there are no charges for the services for trading in particular coin currency.



Strategies For Marketing

Strategies For Marketing

It is very challenging to promote your product and services. There are several ways that you can choose from like, online marketing, marketing through cell phones, and advertising. The main aim here is to target a market that will help you get results. Results like maximizing the returns on the investment you have made on your business. Increase trading skills by viewing this post. Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a business and several entrepreneurs have difficulty in marketing. Many times it so happens that businesses spend many years, money and strength in developing some product and service which is great and expect that the public will accept it naturally. To be truthful customers are very lazy to go out there are find out about the various product. All the time they will depend on the marketing of any product and service so that they know about what is new and trending. Whenever we speak about business the first thing that strikes the mind is planning it. This planning will come in handy when you want to do marketing since it makes the task easy.

In case you are not good at adapting the marketing plan and do an advertisement, you can hire people to do this on behalf of you. When the product reaches the marketing phase all that is required at this point is a crucial marketing plan. The first thing to know when you are planning marketing is figuring out the product and service is going to be purchased by whom. Whether you believe that all the world is going to buy your product, it will help to focus on the part of people who will be majority targets and will buy the product and show great possibility in the market. Therefore, everything included in the plan will consist of reaching out this majority and prepare the promoting approach accordingly.

People just don’t go on spending money because they have it in access, there is always something that will trigger them to go ahead and buy it and feel like this is the time. The things that trigger might be anything, for example, it might be a season of doing your taxes which will lead to people looking for software related to tax or accountants or it might be something you need every day like an on the go food. Whenever a customer wants so product or service it is because of some circumstances and figuring out that will be the solution.

Trending Brick And Mortars

Trending Brick And Mortars

Today you may come across someone who has not visited a brick and mortar store for last one year or more, it is not a surprising situation in the present scenario. Now it is more convenient for the people to buy online not only for the facilities they are offering to their customers but it also saves the travel time for any customer and other overheads. Some of the big companies who have started their business online have seen extensive growth this way than physical stores.

Physical shops are still a prosperous industry but the online stores have something new to offer to their customers and they can reach out to their customer. But they say “we are delivering the customer well, then why to go retail?”

It is a justified question to ask by those online players who are doing good business online. Who wants to take up the expense of opening up a store and invest in its furnishing and other things when the business is already doing well.

But by opening up a brick and mortar store they can provide their customers with some unique experience that they cannot give through online. This is the reason some of the big brand names who started their business online are opening their physical stores as they have realized that through these stores they can provide those numerous things which cannot be offered online.

Connect with the mentality of the customer

The very important part of any retail business is “customer engagement”, which every business wishes to improve; it may vary to every business. The online retail that is dealing with clothing are providing convenient return and cash back policy but the customer still wants to buy clothes after trying them and feeling their texture, they still find it a hassle to return the product after buying them online.

Additional values for the parties

Opening up a brick and mortar shop can give some incredible experiences to their customers which are practically not possible through online shopping. This is important for the companies who want to establish stronger relationships with their customer, going for Omnichannel can also give financial benefits.

Experiment the in-store experience

Some of the e-commerce stores are opening up physical stores so that they can innovate their way of doing business. This way they can come across how the customers are reacting to their newly launched products and can improvise on them.

There is no doubt that e-commerce is the growing form of business today but the physical store will also stay like it was forever and will innovate in its own way. Now a day few retailers are also accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment so it is another experience in its own way. This post will give you the introduction about the retailers.




Capital Planning For Business

Capital Planning For Business

Starting a business, may it be a small startup or a big business plan there is always capital required for this. Sometimes you need it to start a new business altogether or just need capital to grow it. This post will help in growing trading business. There is an approach that you can choose from in order to fund your business. You can choose to take a loan from traditional banks or chose to make your ask about family and friends. All these methods will work, however choosing a way where you get funds from your own business is a better option.

You can initially choose to focus on the core consumers rather than launching a corporation worth multi-million dollar. In continuation of this, start finding new consumer and simultaneously make sure you strive to be exceptional to people who are already your consumers. This will result in spreading about your business through word-of-mouth and you will start getting more consumers for your business. Once you have the customers, start developing systems and processes for your business which will let you assign tasks but not compromise on the quality of the product. In this way, there will be a growth of your company slowly and steadily and if there are any problems that will arise, you will be able to solve them when they are small itself.

Another thing to give a thought about would be where you wish to be five years down the lane. Will you be able to reach that goal in that time without having anyone to help you, even if it means that there will be delayed growth for a short-period of your business. This strategy will best suite entrepreneurs who are planning to set up a small business. In spite of this, if there is still a necessity of some fund requirement it is always advised to talk to a legal adviser so that you make sure that in order to get funds you are not giving part of your business more than you are supposed to. Here are few steps to follow:

  • Assessment of funds required in the future in order to run the business.
  • Depending on different scenarios with respect to growth evaluate the working capital required.
  • The working capital that is able to access currently should be evaluated and contemplate diversification.
  • Struggle to increase the working capital by reviewing the payments and payments that need to be received.
  • Instead of utilizing the cash that you get from the business, make use of loans or credit cards.