All You Want To Know About Crypto Trading

All You Want To Know About Crypto Trading

We all have varied opinions and thoughts about many things in life, it may be or may not be the same for all of us. In a similar way, few of us follow and understand the importance of the cryptocurrencies, try to read through the lines; while others consider it as a taboo of investing in it.

We respect each one’s views and opinions and it’s up to you to make money while the opportunity lies in your vision, we would like to shed some light on the topic, a few of them have not understood the way crypto works:

For a few, cryptocurrency meaning itself wouldn’t be clear, for those, here we go: Cryptocurrency is a money, a currency on a software platform, which can be easily transferred and transported through the peer-peer transaction.

The blockchain technology is the backbone for these. The technology works as the name says; blockchain, where every block is connected to another block with a chain(a code) that only the owners or the code writers know.

How to start Crypto trading?

Well, you might have seen a lot of hoarding about getting started with crypto trading, every internet site flash various name, like crypto code bitcoin code and so on, to enable you to start trading. But our rule to you is, never trust all of them, do your research and get finalized.

There are few illegal sites that are not registered and not recognized by the exchange board of cryptocurrencies, who aim to take away your money in the name of technology and coins. As a layman, not many understand the consequences of getting associated with illegal platforms like the Olymp trade, which is purely illegal, not any online support and a real system to start your trade. This system is here to fool you; even the demo account will not show you the trajectory of the way trade gets executed and how can you earn 80% returns. In fact even to start a small demo account you need to get registered by paying 10$ or 10Euros and register and maintain a cash balance in your account to do demo!!

So, rely on platforms that are recognized by the trust. See, how you can choose the platform:

  • Choose an exchange to buy coins and store there directly in the wallet (there are close to 5-8 exchanges now).
  • Choose the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC).
  • A hybrid exchange broker wallet

This last one is the one preferably advised to the beginners as they can invest or trade in the same single window platform, which is mostly recognized by the exchange.