Episode 63: Nailing the Interview

by MTRT on February 9, 2015

Business people waiting for job interview

Today we are here to talk about something that occurs in every music therapist’s and every student’s career, and that is, the job interview. This might be for an internship or a new professional opportunity. Professionals in private practice also find themselves in interviews when trying to get more contracts and grow their business. They can be a bit nerve-racking, so you absolutely have to prepare and set yourself up for success. Today, we’re going to share 8 things to take into consideration when preparing for an interview.

Steps for interview preparation:

  1. Research the facility/organization/important people
  2. Study job description
  3. Tailor rèsumè to highlight areas of experience related to the job description
  4. Start building rapport with interviewers as soon as possible
  5. Have concrete examples of your work
  6. Demonstrate confident body language (Amy Cuddy video)
  7. Think about possible questions and your answers
  8. Show that you invest in yourself and your continued personal and professional development

Cool Resource

Here is the Amy Cuddy video about body language and how it affects our confidence. It’s a great watch! Get those power poses going…

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