Episode 60: Live from the 2014 AMTA National Conference

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The keynote speaker for AMTA which was done is 2014 was Dr. John Creswell who presented a lecture on William W. Sears Memorial Fund. He is contemplated to have leading expertise in a research known as a mixed method. He is one of the most crucial assets for people who perform researchers and people who work in clinics. In honor of founding fathers who were the members back in the year 1950  which was Association’s formative years was the reason, this William W. Sears Memorial Fund was established. Just like this link establishes trading The WWS Memorial fund was undertaken in order to complete the mission of providing advancement in the knowledge of music therapy which they were going to do by famous speakers. These speakers were authorized in music therapy since they had a lot of interest in this field.

The conference that was held in the year 2014 also had some very interesting and inspiring sessions that were educational as well as intense. There was also a training opportunity that was planned prior to the beginning of the conference that is very famous all around the world. There was a chance of an education that provided some information that was practical and tools as well as a very new type of approach to practicing music therapy. There are about 200 synchronous sessions for education that you can select from. People who attended a conference also had an opportunity to gain information from speakers who are experts in this field.

Every year, we have the opportunity to record the podcast live at the AMTA national conference. Not only do we get the chance to discuss our own conference experiences, but we have the opportunity to interview other music therapists about theirs, as well. In this episode 60 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we share our highlights (and those of several special guests!) from the 2014 AMTA national conference in Louisville, KY.

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