MT in 3: Mallory Even, MT-BC

A Moment With Music Therapy Private Practice Owner, Mallory Even

mallory bio picMallory Even, MT-BC is the owner of Metro Music Therapy, a private practice that serves the metro Atlanta and Orlando areas. She is the creator of MMT Academy and provides face-to-face instruction to music therapists on various professional topics. Mallory also provides customizable marketing materials for music therapists through her service, MMT PayPer.

The person who owns Metro Music Therapy is Mallory Even. She is actually from the area of FL, Orlando. She started this therapy by getting a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Music Therapy. She had to stay back in Tallahassee so that she could finish The Internship. She completed this internship in Leon County Public School. Once she graduated from Florida State University she along with her husband relocated to GA area which is in Atlanta. She has worked in the past as a therapist in music in a Psychiatric Unit which is meant for adults and old patients which was situated in Snellville. She worked here 2 years prior to the start of her practice as well as 3 years after that. Just like Crypto Code has helped trader she helped patients in the center.

Certificates and Achievements:

  • She has a certificate from Music Therapist-Board Certified abbreviated as MT-BC
  • Not only this, but she also has a license from Licensed Professional Music Therapist which is abbreviated as LPMT.
  • Apart from these two, she is also certified by Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapist that is NICU MT.
  • There is a training known as 30-hour which she has completed in Counselling Skills for Music Therapists which she has finished.
  • Another 50-hour training at Grief & Loss Music Therapy Institute.
  • She has to complete one another course in Hospice and Palliative Care Music Therapy and she will be getting a certificate of specialty.
  • From the year 2002, she has had a membership in American Music Therapy Association as well as Music Therapy Association of Georgia.

She began her practice as a music therapist in the year 2007 since then she has begun brand new therapy programs in music at special schools. She has started a lot of different settings for Healthcare which is spread all cross area of metro Atlanta.

The “Songs of Hope” that was music therapy program that was grant-funded was acknowledged by her and her team. She did this in partnership with Wellspring International which was in the year of January 2016. The people who benefited from this program were terminally ill patients as well as their families, kids who had a recent loss in the family and were grieving as well as refugees who lived in Atlanta.

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