Episode 56: Begin Again—Working with a New Clinical Population

by MTRT on July 15, 2014


A board certified music therapist can work across developmental domains, ages, and settings. This diversity is one of the unique features of our field. It also makes it very hard to teach everything during the education and clinical training portion of a music therapist’s career. In fact, it’s very common for a music therapist to work in settings and with populations that are unfamiliar and require some preliminary study and prep work. So what is one to do?

In this 56th episode of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we discuss what it means to begin working with a new clinical population and preparatory strategies to implement before the first session.

Items mentioned in the episode

  • [RESOURCE] World Congress of Music Therapy – a triennial gathering of the international music therapy community gathers this year in Vienna to network and discuss the latest in music therapy research and practice. Follow updates through the hashtag #WCMT2014
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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] We are set to launch a BRAND-NEW mini-podcast on MTRT called MT in 3: A Moment with a Music Therapist. Co-host Michelle Erfurt will be asking music therapists 3 questions that will provide listeners with a brief moment of learning and inspiration. This mini-podcast will be available for free on iTunes and here on the Music Therapy Round Table blog. Stay tuned!
  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] If you haven’t noticed, we have new pictures! Thank you to the very talented Tara Layman for our fabulous new look.
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