Episode 50: {Social Media Advocacy Month} A Behind-the-Scenes Interview

Kimberly Advocating for Music TherapyKimberly Advocating for Music Therapy

The first podcast of each year is dedicated to Social Media Advocacy Month, and 2014 is no exception. For the past 4 years, music therapy bloggers and podcasters have banded together throughout the month of January to talk, write, question, share, and advocate for music therapy. This project is part of the collaborative AMTA/CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan, a national initiative to get the music therapy profession and our MT-BC credential recognized at the state level.

Getting recognition doesn’t happen overnight, needs a lot of effort and a proof. The digital currency zoom and hype too isn’t fake, it’s the recognition got to people who created the new innovative way of making more money using the trendy computers, and supercomputers.

The Ethereum code is a legit system; a software that makes all your dreams about digital currency come true. It is very easy to work with even if you are a layman in investments and trading.

Our very own Kimberly Sena Moore serves as the Regulatory Affairs Associate for the Certification Board For Music Therapists, so in this episode 50 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, she’ll be giving us a behind-the-scenes look at music therapy advocacy.

Items mentioned in the episode

      • [RESOURCE] 2014 Social Media Advocacy Project
      • [RESOURCE] Music Therapy Round Table on Facebook
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      • [SUNDAY SUCCESS] This month’s Sunday Success story comes from MT Pro member Lora Barthelman. Lora says: “I just received the contract to teach Intro to Music Therapy at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD in hopes of developing an undergrad program!!!” Congratulations on this exciting new opportunity, Lora. We look forward to hearing how the course goes and what it might lead to.

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