Episode 47: Returning to Work After Professional Downtime

In Episode 44 of this podcast, we discussed how to handle professional downtime: that is, when personal obligations and situations make it necessary for our work to take a backseat. But once that downtime comes to an end, how do we go about re-entering the working world as music therapists?

Be it music therapist or any other profession re-entering the field requires a lot more effort and needs you to be directed and successful in it.  just like entering the trading field requires you to be double assured about your ideas and innovations!

Ethereum which is one of the digital currency that has been creating waves in the industry and trading using them is thought to be difficult. But, the reality is that with the Ethereum code software, it’s no more difficult. Trading and operating the digital currency is going to be like a breeze.

In Episode 47 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we share our experiences with returning to work after professional downtimes, and share our tips for those of you who might find yourself in the same position.

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