Episode 42: Are Music Therapists Too Nice?

Are Music Therapists Too Nice?

It’s a well-known fact in the music therapy profession that most of us are women. It’s also a common stereotype that women should be these nice, sweet, gentle creatures.

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However, as a professional woman, this may not be the perception we want and being “nice” can have some downsides. When you do a Google search for “are women too nice,” headlines pop up like “What ‘She’s too nice!’ really means,” “Quit being so nice,” and “Do nice gals finish last?”

On top of that, not only are most music therapists women, but we’re therapists as well. Active listening, compassionate, caring, and, yes, even nice therapists. Is this a double-whammy for us? Are music therapists in general too nice?

In episode 42 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we’ll discuss the benefits and pitfalls of being too nice, both from the perspective of an individual professional and from the larger perspective of the profession as a whole.

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