Episode 41: Professional Supervision with Roia Rafieyan

Professional Supervision with Roia Rafieyan

A main tenant of being a therapist is that you must have a relationship with your client…one that involves using techniques like listening, reflecting, challenging, and educating (and that’s only to name a few). When therapists and clients build their relationship, the therapist will experience resistance and feelings that are displaced onto the them from their clients. This can lead the professional to feel a lack of direction, a loss of confidence with their services and overall burnout.

Music therapists are not immune to these feelings just because they work primarily with music. So what can we do to help us work through all of this?

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Seek professional supervision. This will allow the therapist to gain insight into their work… along with many other benefits. In Episode 41 of the podcast, special guest Roia Rafieyan will teach us about all that professional supervision has to offer.

Roia Rafieyan is a music therapist in her 26th year of service. She uses a relationally-based music psychotherapy approach in her practice and works primarily with adults diagnosed with autism. Roia candidly shares her clinical experiences in her blog “the mindful music therapist”. She provides professional clinical supervision and advocates the use of music making during supervision as part of the learning and growth process. Roia is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University, where she teaches guitar to music therapy students.


Items mentioned in the episode

  • [RESOURCE] The Mindful Music Therapist – Roia’s blog.
  • [RESOURCE] CMTE Course Pinterest Board – put together by music therapist Mary Hale.
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