Episode 38: The Power of Storytelling

This January, the music therapy blogging community is banding together for thethird annual social media advocacy month. Music therapists in over 35 states are involved in the joint AMTA and CBMT state recognition operational plan, where we are seeking to increase our client’s access to music therapy services through official recognition of our profession and our MT-BC credential. This recognition can happen by being added to agency regulations or through legislation for title protection or the creation of a state registry or license.

A large part of this effort involves advocacy and January is our online music therapy advocacy kickoff to welcome the upcoming state legislative sessions. This year’s advocacy theme is connection, especially the idea of connecting through stories.

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In episode 38 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we will be discussing the power of storytelling and how we use it to advocate for ourselves, our work, and our profession.

Items mentioned in the episode

  • [RESOURCE] Information about the joint AMTA/CBMT Social Media Advocacy month
  • [RESOURCE] Facebook groups: There are a variety of free Facebooks groups that offer you a chance to be supported and network with each other. Examples include a music therapy parent group, music therapy reimbursement group, state and regional music therapy groups, and more!
  • [SUNDAY SUCCESS] JoAnn Jordan got accepted to present with Dr. Dena Register at the Kansas Speech-Language-Hearing Association conference in September 2013.
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