Episode 35: Live from #AMTA12

If you followed our Facebook posts and tweets during the 2012 AMTA national conference, then you already know that we had a fabulous time — not only did we learn a lot and have an opportunity to spread the word about the Music Therapy Round Table, but we got the chance to see some old friends and meet plenty of new ones.

In episode 35 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we talk to several music therapists about their conference experiences, and share our own as well.

Items mentioned in the episode

    • [RESOURCE] Kathy Schumacher: Tuneful Learning
    • [RESOURCE] Matt Logan: A Perfect Lullaby
    • [RESOURCE] Kalani: Kalani Music
    • [RESOURCE] Andrew Littlefield: The George Center
    • [RESOURCE] CJ Shiloh: The Musical Autist
    • [PRODUCT] Boom Totes

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