Episode 32: Neurodiversity and SensoryFriendly Concerts: A Conversation with CJ Shiloh

Sensory FriendlySensory Friendly

This month we welcome special guest CJ Shiloh to the Music Therapy Round Table podcast. Ms. CJ, as her piano students call her, runs the blog

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The Musical Autist, where she shares her thoughts and ideas on Neurodiversity and her vision to give all people with special needs equal access to the fine arts. It’s this vision that launched her SensoryFriendly Concert series.

We talk about all this and more in episode 32 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast.

Items mentioned in the episode

    • [FEATURE SEGMENT] The Musical Autist: CJ Shiloh’s blog
    • [FEATURE SEGMENT] Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN): Their tagline reads “Nothing about us without us”
    • [RESOURCE] Google Voice: voicemail transcription, international calls, and more.
    • [SUNDAY SUCCESS] Jaycie Voorhees connected with an SLP who has helped double her practice and is offering more value to her private practice clients through one easy change. Congratulations, Jaycie!
    • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Membership to Music Therapy Pro is now being offered at a lower price! Learn more here.

CJ’s Community Music Therapy resources:

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