Episode 25: How To Be a Passionate Advocate

This month, the Music Therapy Round Table is delighted to welcome two guests to our show: Judy Simpson and Dr. Dena Register. As the Director of Government Relations for the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), Judy Simpson is the face of public policy for our profession as she works to represent our field and get it recognized at both the state and federal levels. Dr. Register is an associate professor of music therapy at the University of Kansas, where she teaches future music therapists and music educators. In addition, she serves as the Regulatory Affairs Advisor for the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT).

Dena and Judy have joined us to help celebrate the 2nd annual Social Media Advocacy Month project. Throughout January, over two dozen bloggers and podcasters are working to increase the visibility of music therapy and to get other music therapists excited about advocacy.

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In episode 25 of the Music Therapy Round Table podcast, we will discuss advocacy, the joint AMTA/CBMT State Recognition Operational Plan, and more more with Dena and Judy.

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  • [RESOURCE] LiveBinders
  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] What is your Advocacy Personality?

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