Meet Us In Atlanta

The three of us will be at the 2011 National Conference of the American Music Therapy Association. If you see us please say hello!

Here is our schedule of events:

  • Creating an Effective Online Presence: We Did It. You Can, Too! (A presentation from Kimberly, Michelle & Rachel) Friday at 7:30 am in meeting rooms 206-207.

    Dow Theory paved the foundation for the modern study of technical analysis. Some of the basis on which technical analysis is based:

    • Price discounts everything
    • The movement of asset prices are not totally random
    • The “what” is more important than the “why”

    Price discounts everything

    As per the technical analysis, the current price is a complete reflection of all the information of the asset. Because all the information is seen in the price, therefore, it is fair value and this is what forms the basis of this analysis. The price is a reflection of the total knowledge of all the participants in the market. This includes the investors, traders, the portfolio managers, technical and fundamental analysis, the market strategist and many others. Technicalanalysiscaptures this information and intercepts what the market wants to say. This is used to help to form a future view of the market.

    The movement of asset prices are not totally random

    The price moves in a trend. However, there are times when the price will not be trending. If the price moves randomly then it is difficult to make money using this method. Technical analysts believe that it is easy to identify the trend and make money. Also one needs to find out the short as well as the long-term trend of the market.Click for info on this.

    The “what” is more important than the “why”

    The technical analysts are concerned about what the current price is and the history of the price movement. The price is the result of the battle between the buyers and sellers. The objective of the analysis is to find out the future price movement. While fundamental analysts try to understand the “why” of the price technical analysts is more interest in the “what”.

  • How Social Media Creates New Music Therapy Advocates (A panel discussion with Kimberly, Michelle, Rachel, et al.) Friday at 2:00 pm in Salon B.
  • The DIY Approach to Recording and Sharing Your Music (A presentation from Rachel) Sunday at 8:00 am in Salon D.

We’ll also be at the Music Therapy Pro booth in the Exhibit Hall pretty much at all times.

Hope to see you!