Episode 19: Investing in Professional Development

Investing in Professional Development

The training and professional growth necessary to become a music therapist–or any type of education and healthcare professional–doesn’t end when you receive your diploma. Investing in conferences, trainings, and other types of professional development activities is a vital part of the growth, development, and health of your professional self and, as a music therapist, helps to make sure you maintain your board certification!

Music therapy has been enlisted in EU Regulated Professions Database as a type of profession. This enlisting has led to further recognizing this profession in other countries where music therapy is relevant. The extent of practicing music therapy and therapist who is professionals and is completely qualified by getting the required education, training in clinics and certification from the board has led to the different type of responsibilities.

The aim of music therapy is to make use of music that is clinical and evidenced in the form of intervention to achieve a particular goal for people of all age group and people who are of different ability. This is a therapeutic intervention that is done by developing a relationship between the patient and a professional who has credentials as well as finished and is approved by a program of music therapy. There is an American Music Therapy Association that these music therapists with all the necessary information and education as well as clinical training to become a music therapist. Recommended Reading for information about trading. They also have a certificate from the Certification Board of Music Therapist.

The way music therapist work is that they talk with the clients and come up with a treatment plan that involves music in order to meet the needs and power of the client. The clients are met in person or in a group. There is different treatment planned using music therapy for each individual.

In Episode #19 of the Music Therapy Round Table, we discuss the importance of professional development, plus we’ll share different ways we contribute towards our professional growth and development.

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Boomwhacker Totes, by Michelle Erfurt (don’t forget to check out Kat Fulton’s review at the bottom)
  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Music Therapy Pro

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Episode 19: Investing in Professional Development