Episode 8: Music Therapy Hats and How to Wear Them

by MTRT on October 10, 2010

A music therapist has many roles in the workplace – clinician, songwriter, event coordinator, and more. In this episode of the Music Therapy Round Table we discuss the many hats of a MT and how we balance them all.

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Click this link to read a transcript of the show:
Episode 8: Music Therapy Hats and How to Wear Them

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Michelle January 29, 2012 at 12:49 am

Wow – what a great conversation. It’s validating to hear we all have lots of hats at our jobs! I wear a lot of hats at my current job and it seems like a lot sometimes.

Supervisor (support staff)
Audio Engineer (editing and life performances)
Performance Coordinator/Event Planner
Resource Provider (teachers and therapist)
Field-trip planner
MT Advocate
Bus Duty Staff


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