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To the working music therapist, the elevator is a place for transporting information to the masses. This is an opportunity to plant seeds of information; after all, you have a ‘captive’ audience. Today we will be sharing our own mini-music therapy in-services… what we like to call our ‘elevator speeches’.

Elevator speech in other words also known as elevator pitch is a speech given that is brief. An elevator speech is a slang word used for describing speeches that are brief. The speech basically consists of a summary of the project, product or services that they are offering. As the name suggests, these speeches are supposed to be given in the short time that is the time which they get when they are going in an elevator together. The time given is usually about 20 to 30 seconds. It is also known by another name that is elevator statement.

When u refer to the speech in the world of finance it means that people who are self-employed try to convince people to invest in their business like investing in trading software that you will know more about if you visit the following site. The delivery of speeches is done in such a way that the one who is listening to the speech must understand the concept in a very short time. The description must explain, the product is for whom, how it works, the reason for its need, as well as how you are going to execute it.

Sometimes you might get very less time to explain the idea in which case all the above-mentioned things may not be included but the least you can tell is what the product is and why it is important. The main aim of an elevator speech is to give an idea to the investor which will be done in a trending manner. This is not similar to sales pitch since there is no clear picture of what the relationship will be between the buyer and the seller.

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