Everything is not lost when you lose your job!

I always believed that destiny plays a funny role in our lives:

I have never seen my family going through a harsh time in spite of my father never had a steady income. My mum was an attorney and in a way, she ran the house and dad was a trader in the stock market. It was not exactly his calling but it was his passion for the profession that let him be around for as much as two decades. My mum never once objected to him not bringing home something substantial and when I was looking at them both while growing up, in my mind, I knew clearly that I wanted to grow up like my mum with a fixed responsibility and career. I did not want to aimlessly spend my life in the pursuit of something that was quite elusive.

Well, so much for what man proposes:

It so happened that I did grow up to be like mum. I graduated from college and was immediately placed on merit in a very big corporate firm. Now was my chance to prove to the world my mettle. I was not exactly after money because mum’s values were that you must be able to earn decently enough to be able to live life on your own terms without too many needs. But yes, to live decently you would need a substantial amount of money and no one would simply give it to you unless you worked for it.

But the recession happened and I lost my job!

I know I am saying it as if it just happened! In fact, I was so shocked when it did happen that it took me a long long time to overcome the trauma that the company for whom I had worked day in and day out for the last five years of my life even sometimes going without meals did not even bat an eyelid when they had to prepare the first list of attrition. But I realized and slowly over time that all employees are quite dispensable to the company. There is no place for emotions in the corporate world!

So, I got back to trading albeit online:

So, this is where the fate comes into play. This is where we are talking daddy!

Online trading looked like a child’s play but it was not really so. I took a couple of weeks to get the hang of it and when I did I invested $250 to start my own trading account on one of the platforms recommended strongly by Top10BinaryDemo.com and I haven’t looked back since. I also invested in a couple more of the software as per their advice in order to distribute my risk. I make a decent amount of money and I spend a good life relaxing and writing from home. Writing is something I was really passionate about but my corporate job never gave me the scope to follow my heart. Now was the time and I was going to capitalize on it! You can go here and learn more about online trading.